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Important myths about getting sober

Every year, people get pulled over and accused of drunk driving when they believe they took enough steps to get sober first. They don’t deny that they were drinking, but they don’t believe they were impaired. They tried to sober up before they got in the car, and they’re somewhat shocked that they’re now facing legal charges.

Many times, the problem is simply that the person didn’t get sober or make it so that they weren’t under the influence in any meaningful way. They just listen to different myths that people repeat about how you can do this. These tactics do not work, so it’s important to know what they are so that you can avoid them.

Drinking coffee

One of the most pervasive myths is that you just need to get a cup of coffee. The caffeine is going to help balance out the alcohol and make you sober.

But the truth is that drinking coffee just makes you feel awake. It doesn’t change how sober or intoxicated you are. People will mistake feeling more alert for being sober and then get pulled over.

Taking a shower

Some people believe that a cold shower can sober them up. But, like caffeine, it’s just a shock to your system that wakes you up. This does make you feel alert, but it doesn’t do anything to change your blood alcohol concentration. If you were impaired before, you are still impaired after the shower.

Eating a meal

Eating prior to drinking can slow down how fast you become intoxicated. People will sometimes think that this means they need to eat after they’ve been drinking in order to sober up. But doing so doesn’t change how much alcohol is already in your bloodstream.

All that helps this time

The reality is that blood alcohol concentration decreases over time. The only way to get sober is to give your body time to do the work of metabolizing that alcohol. Some of these activities, such as walking to get a cup of coffee or spending time in the shower, can make you slightly more sober simply because they take time. But they’re not going to have a drastic impact.

If you do find yourself facing charges, be sure you understand your legal options.